GlavUpDK to participate in the denkmal exhibition

19 october 2021

GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia will present a booth at the 6th denkmal Russia – Moscow International Trade Fair for Heritage Preservation, Restoration and Museum Technology  ( The exhibition will take place at Gostiny Dvor on October 21 - 23.
At its booth, GlavUpDK experts will tell about their cultural heritage preservation activities.

The exhibition’s business program will include more than 50 specialized events. Vyacheslav Fatin, Acting Head of GlavUpDK, President of the Union of Restorers of Russia, will participate in the round table “Vocational Education in Restoration. Expertise of the Future for Modern Specialists” to take place at the booth of the Moscow Government at 10:00 a.m on October 22.

GlavUpDK manages over 130 historical mansions in the center of Moscow. Among them are masterpieces by Fyodor Schechtel, Lev Kekushev, William Walcot, etc., fine examples of Neo-Baroque, Neoclassicism, Gothic Revival, and eclecticism styles, as well as the period of prosperity of the Russian architectural Art Nouveau.
Most mansions accommodate diplomatic missions and representative offices of international organizations. Providing diplomats with the conditions required for their stay and activities in Moscow, GlavUpDK preserves invaluable monuments of history and culture.

The buildings are maintained and operated in strict compliance with the law. GlavUpDK team meticulously restore the original appearance of the buildings. Restoration projects are developed in line with the Federal Law On Cultural Heritage Sites (Historical and Cultural Monuments) of the Peoples of the Russian Federation. All works are funded by GlavUpDK independently.

GlavUpDK’s program for the years 2021-2022 includes works of various scale and nature, as well as development of documents in respect of 33 mansions. For example, restoration and repair of the façade, roof, and the central fence with gates in Savva Morozov’s mansion at 17 Spiridonovka St. are nearing completion, with architectural lighting to be installed.

Restoration of the façades, roof, and fences is nearly over for the mansions located at 8 Spasopeskovsky Lane., bld. 1, 2 (town mansion of A.G. Shchepochkina - N.A. Lvov) and 3, Yeropkinsky Lane, bld.1 (town mansion of O.N. Chizhova).
One of the most large-scale projects currently implemented by GlavUpDK is complex scientific restoration of the façades, roof, and interiors of Schechtel’s mansion at Yermolayevsky Lane to be adapted for the modern use. Under the project, the façade units are planned to be restored and reconstructed, decorative elements and the original color scheme of the mansion’s interior are going to be reproduced, the utility systems modernized, the electric lighting system overhauled, the grounds landscaped and architectural lightning installed on the façades.
GlavUpDK’s cultural heritage preservation efforts were commended by competent organizations, supervisory authorities, and Moscow residents. Almost every year, GlavUpDK wins prizes at the Moscow Restauration competition organized by the Moscow Government, with its members receiving multiple  Commendations and other awards of the Mayor of Moscow for their significant contribution to the preservation of Moscow’s cultural heritage.

We invite experts and media and social media representatives, as well as guests of the exhibition to visit GlavUpDK booth (No. 20) and learn more about its activities. 

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