Preserving cultural heritage

GlavUpDK manages more than 130 mansions, most of which are cultural heritage sites of Russia, regional and federal historical and cultural sites

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10 november 2023

Historian Vitaly Kalashnikov: Our city is a complex phenomenon

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Video tour of the city estate of G.A. Karatayeva - I.V. Morozov (Leontievsky lane, 10)


43, Bolshaya Yakimanka street. Igumnov House

Year of construction: 1888. Architect: N.I. Pozdeyev. Style: Russian Revival.

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26 october 2023

Inside the Mansion app is available for mobile users

The Inside the Mansion mobile app developed using augmented and virtual reality technologies is now available for iOS and Android users.

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Interview of Vyacheslav Fatin, Head of GlavUpDK

Acting spoke about what secrets old buildings can hide, the difficulties that restorers face, and the importance of educating young professionals. Head of GlavUpDK under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, President of the Union of Restorers of Russia Vyacheslav Fatin.

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Map of cultural heritage sites